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Corporate Philosophy

Delicious, the best of happiness.

"Delicious". This is the word that we casually say. We think that feeling "delicious" is a very high level of happiness, because we can feel “delicious” only when we have all the various elements such as good ingredients, good chef, health, peace, money etc. We won’t feel “delicious” if we miss just only one of these.  

We will provide "delicious", the best of happiness, to as many Vietnamese people as possible by making delicious, healthy and safe Japanese ingredients.

Company Profile

Founded: 2007
Business: Manufacture, import and sell Japanese ingredients.
Address: 75/25 Go Dau, Tan Quy, Tan Phu, HCMC
Tell: 0822 477 481
Email: vinguyen.co@gmail.com

Top Message

In 2007, I retired from the institute of a Japanese leading electrical manufacturer that I worked for many years, and founded Vi Nguyen Co., Ltd. 

At that time, I ran into the shocking news that Vietnamese Tofu was made with industrial plaster and preservatives, which is never happen to Japan. After I knew the fact, as a scientist with strong curiosity, I began to research how different between Vietnamese Tofu and Japanese Tofu. This is the trigger why I started the tofu business.

Vi Nguyen means “source of taste”, which is expressing our corporate vision that we provide authentic Japanese tofu by pursuing the “source of taste”. Then, we invented genuine cold Tofu that you can enjoy the original taste of Tofu without any cook. This is our first product in the corporate history. We named it HIYAKO because it makes people think of Hiyayakko (cold tofu) having very soft texture and rich taste of soybeans. HIYAKO is our signature product and trademarked.

Today, besides Tofu, our product lines have expanded to Konjac and Natto. We keep trying best to spread Japanese traditional food culture throughout Vietnam, educate how healthy Japanese foods are and be a bridge between Vietnam, my home country, and Japan, my second home country, in order to facilitate mutual understanding. I would appreciate your kind support and understanding for our business.

Vi Nguyen Co., Ltd.

General Director

Dr. Cao Minh Thai

Management members

General Director

Dr. Cao Minh Thai

Born in Vietnam, 1953.

Lived in Japan for 35 years.

He moved to Japan in 1972 as a government sponsored student. After graduation, he worked for the institute of one of the biggest electric manufactures in Japan. One of his remarkable engagements is R&D for a maglev train. In 2007, he moved back to Vietnam and founded Vi Nguyen Co., Ltd. He holds Bachelor degree and Ph.D. (engineering) at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.

Vice Director, Certified Tofu Meister in Japan

Cao Minh Kien

Born in Japan, 1984.

Lived in Japan for 30 years.

He worked for a leading electric manufacturer and F&B company in Japan for over 6 years. In the F&B company, he engaged in whole value chain from procurement to sales & marketing. In 2015, he moved to Vietnam to join Vi Nguyen Co., Ltd. He holds LL.B at Waseda University in Japan and MBA at National University of Singapore.