• Where can I buy Vi Nguyen’s products?

    You can buy them at major supermarkets, convenient stores, online stores and so on. Co-op mart sells our tofu not as Vi Nguyen brand but as Coop mart brand.

  • Are you selling for restaurants?

    Yes. We can deliver to restaurants in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

  • How can I cook Konjac and Shirataki?

    Please discard the water in the package and boil them for several minutes. After that, please use them as an ingredient of your favorite dishes such as hot pot, soup, stir-fried noodle etc.

  • Are there any chemicals in Konjac & Shirataki to make the elastic texture?

    No, there aren’t. It’s a natural texture derived from Konnyaku potato, so do not have to worry about it.

  • Why Konjac & Shirataki have such low calories?

    Because 97% of Konjac & Shirataki is made from water. The remaining 3% is a special dietary fiber that does not absorb in your body. Thus, calorie is almost zero. Konjac & Shirataki have a special feature that swells in your stomach, so they are filling well. We can prevent too much eating by just adding Konjac & Shirataki to your recipe.

  • Why is the expiration date of Vi Nguyen’s tofu shorter than others?

    It is because we are not using illegal chemicals and additives. A short shelf life is a proof of food safety.

  • What is non-genetically modified (NON-GMO) soybean?

    In recent years a considerable number of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) soybeans have been circulated in Vietnam in order to increase the harvest volume. The problem is that the safety of having GMO soybeans into the body is not fully verified and there is no food labeling obligation. In order to give top priority to food safety, we are using NON-GMO soybeans. ( for details see Commitment for Food Safety).

  • Is it true that a man’s breasts grow big when he drinks soy milk too much?

    It is false. Soybean’s isoflavone contained in soy milk works like female hormone, so it is misunderstood as such. If you ingest a large amount of female hormone by injection, such a thing might happen, but it is no problem at all to just drink soy milk. Positive benefits on your body will be much greater (for details see Health & Nutrition).

  • Please tell me the difference between Japanese tofu and Vietnamese tofu.

    The biggest difference is that Japanese tofu can be eaten as raw. For that reason, Japanese tofu is hygienic, has a good aroma, and has a firm taste of soybeans. Of course, you don’t have to eat it as raw. It is also very tasty to cook as hotpot, soup, or deep-fried.


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