Commitment to Food Safety

For mothers who consider family health first, we stick to food safety.

Technology collaboration with Japanese companies.

“We are exporting to major Japanese supermarkets.“

Vi Nguyen has a technical alliance with Japanese manufacturers. In the case of a technical alliance, we will invite a specialist from Japan and conduct a training for half a year living in our factory. In addition, we dispatched our technical staff to Japan to learn Japanese quality management. Today, some of Vi Nguyen's products are also exported to major supermarkets in Japan, which means we meet the strict quality standards of Japan.

“There are differences in how to make tofu.”

For example, there is a big difference in making tofu.
As for a traditional Vietnamese tofu, it is not sterilized and shipped directly to the market. On the other hand, Vi Nguyen's Japanese style tofu passes through a special heat sterilizing process. By doing so, we will keep a sterile condition and deliver it to you.

We use natural coagulant, Nigari

“Industrial plaster is used to make tofu?”

In Vietnam, industrial plaster was used as a coagulant to solidify tofu and it became a hot topic before. There is no harm to using plaster itself, but the problem is that plaster mixed with impurities is used. Vi Nguyen's tofu does not have such a thing. We only use natural coagulant, Nigari.

“Natural Nigari is proof of high technology and food safety”

By using natural Niagari, we can maximize the delicious flavor of tofu as well as securing food safety. On the other hand, tofu made with Niagari is expensive and technically difficult to manufacture, so such tofu is extremely rare in Vietnam. Nonetheless, in order to deliver safe products to everyone, we will stick to make tofu with natural Nigari.

Strict quality control and use of safety NON - GMO soybean.

In order to obtain safe soybean ingredients for tofu, we fly around the world and buy high quality soybeans directly from farmers. Therefore, our soybeans are very rare in Vietnam, with the following features.

“We can trace when, where, and how the soybean of the tofu that we eat was grown and harvested.”

Vi Nguyen's soybeans are all IP managed. In other words, everything is recorded like when, where and how the soybeans that you eat were cultivated and distributed from seed stage. If poor quality soybeans are contaminated or if a large amount of agricultural chemicals are used, we can immediately find them out by “visualizing” all the processes of making soybeans.

“We use safe NON - GMO soybeans.”

We are using non-genetically modified soybeans (NON-GMO). Nearly 90% of the soybeans distributed in Vietnam are said to be genetically modified soybeans (GMO soybeans) to increase harvest volume. The problem is that the safety of having GMO crops into the body has not been fully proved yet. Therefore, in Japan where the quality standards are very strict, only NON - GMO soybeans are used in tofu.

“We will deliver safety to the end with many quality inspections”

Vi Nguyen's soybeans are kept in carefully inspected silos after the six-step quality and purity test. All the soybeans are isolated for each variety to prevent contamination, and carefully selected grain by grain. Samples of all processes of cleaning and processing are collected and stored for half a year. Then detailed certificates are issued for each shipment.