Health & Nutrition

Japan is the No.1 longevity country in the world. The secret is healthy and delicious Japanese food. We will introduce the health benefits of traditional Japanese ingredients we make.


Improvement of memory (soybean lecithin): Soybean lecithin contained in Tofu becomes element of neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain, and it has an effect on memory improvement and prevention of blurring.

Beautiful skin (various vitamins): Tofu contains a lot of vitamins. Especially, vitamin E improves blood circulation and prevents fat oxidation, which makes your skin more beautiful.

Lowering blood pressure & Cholesterol(protein, linoleic acid): The protein of tofu reduces cholesterol in the blood and has the effect of suppressing rise in blood pressure. In addition, linoleic acid acts to increase good cholesterol to remove cholesterol adhering to blood vessels. Therefore, it is effective in preventing arteriosclerosis, cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction and so on.

Durable bones and teeth (calcium): Tofu is rich in calcium. For example, you can consume about 200 mg of calcium in a cup of milk, while you can ingest about 180 mg of calcium with only half tofu (150 g). Although it is generally hard to absorb calcium, it is said that absorption of calcium is greatly promoted by the high-quality protein of tofu.

Diet effect: Tofu has low fat content and low calorie. Also, because it contains a lot of water, you easily get a feeling of fullness. It is also excellent diet food since it is rich in protein, which makes you not to be lack of nutrition.

Improvement of intestinal environment (oligosaccharide): Oligosaccharide has the effect of growing bifidobacteria that cleans the intestine. Bifidobacterium suppresses bad bacteria in the intestine, activates intestinal movement, and improves immunity. It is also said to have an effect decomposing carcinogens.

Konjac / Shirataki noodle

Diet effect: The reason why Konjac and Shirataki noodle are extremely low calorie is because 97% of them consists of water. In addition, dietary fiber called glucomannan contained in Konjac & Shirataki noodle swells when entering the stomach. Therefore, Konjac & Shirataki noodle are very filling and preventing from too much eating. Just by adding Konjac and Shirataki noodle to your usual meal, you can be on a diet effectively.

Diabetes prevention (glucomannan): A non-water soluble dietary fiber called glucomannan works to not digest anything you eat together in the stomach. Therefore, it prevents excessive absorption of sugar and salt, leading to the prevention of diabetes and so on.

Beautiful skin (Ceramide): Moisturizing is important for protecting beautiful skin. Konnyaku contains ingredient with moisturizing effect called ceramide.

Improvement of intestinal environment (dietary fiber): Konjac dietary fiber cleans up intestinal environment and works to release harmful substances in the intestine. This will also prevent constipation and olorectal cancer.


Improvement of memory (soybean lecithin): Soybean lecithin contained in Natto serves as a raw material for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain, which has an effect on memory improvement and prevention of blurring.

Beautiful skin (Vitamins): Natto contains a lot of vitamins. Especially, vitamin E improves blood circulation and prevents fat oxidation, which makes your skin beautiful.

Regulate intestine & prevent catching cold (Natto bacteria): If your gastrointestinal is weak, your physical strength will be lowered, and it will be easier to catch a cold. About 10 billion Natto bacteria live in 1g of Natto (2-3 grains). These Natto bacteria increase the number of good bacteria in the intestines and have the effect of suppressing bad bacteria and viruses.

Durable bones and teeth (calcium): One cup of milk (200 cc) calcium can be ingested with 1 pack of natto (45 g). Also, calcium is generally hard to be absorbed, but it is said that absorption of calcium is greatly promoted by soybean's high-quality protein.

Smooth blood (Nattokinase): Enzymes contained in the starchy part of Natto, Natto kinase, has the effect of dissolving thrombus and smoothing the blood. If the mushy blood is left untreated, it increases the risk of cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction. Also, as metabolism deteriorates, it also has an adverse effect on your beauty.

Antibacterial effect (dipicolinic acid): Dipicolinic acid is a component that is produced when soybean is fermented by Natto bacteria, and it is known to have strong antibacterial action, antiviral action and apoptosis effect to extinguish cancer.

Others: Natto also contains various nutrition. Protein of 45 g beef, vitamin B 6 of 80 grains of gingko, vitamin E of 1/2 tomato, magnesium of 3 oysters, dietary fiber of one carrot, vitamin B2 of 100 g pork , 40 g of iron oxide in cow liver, and potassium of 120 cc tomato juice.


Regulate intestine & cancer prevention (dietary fiber): The burdock contains about 6.1 g (in 100 g) of dietary fiber, very abundant comparing to other vegetables. These abundant dietary fibers are not digested and absorbed in the intestine, and it activates intestinal activity and prevents constipation. In addition, it’s said to prevent from colorectal cancer because it also acts to release harmful substances in the intestine to the outside of the body.

Prevention of diabetes, arteriosclerosis and obesity: Burdock contains abundant ingredients that lower blood glucose levels such as zinc, magnesium, tannin, lignin, inulin and so on. By suppressing the blood glucose level, not only will it prevent diabetes, it will make the blood smooth and prevent obesity as well.

Anti-aging (polyphenol): The burdock's skin contains chlorogenic acid and tannin, which is a type of polyphenol. These have a strong antioxidant effect and have the function of suppressing the generation of peroxidized lipid which is the cause of diseases and aging, so it can be expected to prevent aging.