Vi Nguyen’s Tofu is very nutritious because we carefully select high protein soybeans grain by grain. With Japanese technology, our Tofu is edible without heating and has rich taste of soybeans. Our soybeans are all NON-GMO.

Kinu (Silk) Tofu

Our Kinu Tofu can be used for any kinds of dishes due to its smooth texture and moderate firmness, which makes it not to collapse while boiling. It also contains rich flavor of soybeans.

HIYAKO (Cold tofu)

HIYAKO is premium tofu made from highly concentrated soymilk. It is soft and very creamy. The rich flavor of soybeans spreads into your mouth.

Jyuten Kinu (Silk) Tofu

It is made slightly softer than normal Kinu (Silk) tofu. The taste of Jyuten Kinu Tofu is relatively bland so that it’s not easy to get tired.

Momen (Firm) Tofu

Momen Tofu has less water content so that a taste soaks in very well. Also, Nutrition content is higher than Kinu (Silk) Tofu.

Fried Tofu

A delicious smell of fried texture and a sweet taste of tofu make a great harmony.

Stick Tofu

The authentic Japanese Tofu packed with a local style stick package.

Egg Tofu

It is made from fresh eggs that are taken within 1-2 days from being laid.


Very condensed soymilk without any sugar and additives. Best for drinking or making sweets

Aburage (Sliced fried tofu)

Aburage is a thin slice of fired tofu. Best for Inari sushi or ingredients for udon, miso soup etc.