HIYAKO (Cold tofu)

HIYAKO is premium tofu made from highly concentrated soymilk. It is soft and very creamy. The rich flavor of soybeans spreads into your mouth.

Weight 300g
Preservation Under 10℃
Best before 15 days
Main ingredients NON-GMO soybeans

Main vitamins (per pack)

(Standard per meal)
Vitamin E 0.9mg 2.2mg
Vitamin K 33μg 17μg
Vitamin B1 0.45mg 0.32mg
Vitamin B2 0.15mg 0.36mg
Niacin 0.9mg 3.48mgNE
Vitamin B6 0.27mg 0.35mg
Folic acid 69μg 80μg
Pantothenic acid 0.36mg 1.5mg

Total calorie & three major nutrients(per pack)

【Total calorie & three major nutrients】
(Standard per meal)
Calorie 177kcal 536~751kcal
Protein 15g(60kcal) 15~34g
Fat 9.3g(83.7kcal) 13~20g
Carbohydrate 7.5g(30kcal) 75~106g